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BB 15 day 19 Tuesday

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Secret strategizing is now the order of the day. What comes from it will not be relevant for this weeks eviction because it looks like Elissa will be booted. But down the line moves will be made against The Mean Girls and eventually the entire membership of the Moving Company will be revealed and they must begin to turn against each other. This may take a few weeks.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: The Week 2 Campaign Begins
Tuesday, July 09, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

While racism and homophobia continue to be hot-button topics on Big Brother 15, the game itself is heating up. It's only the second week and already there are three very formidable HGs on the block.

The campaigning is fierce and fascinating. There are deals, lies, schemes and everything else that makes Big Brother one of the most interesting reality competitions.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa is the MVP. She nominated Jeremy, who then won the Power of Veto and saved himself. Elissa nominated Nick as the replacement.

This may have been her worst decision yet, because Nick is probably the most dangerous player in the house. Unlike David, he's taking full advantage of his nomination and using it as a chance to talk to everyone in the house. But he's not worried at all.

Nick has two great assets: the Moving Company (with Jeremy, McCrae, Spencer and Howard) and the Blonde-tourage (with Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie). That's six votes right there, ensuring his safety. Seven if you count Jessie, who at this point is more of a Blonde-tourage groupie than a full-fledged member.

Nick spent most of Monday having one-on-one meetings with the house to "campaign" for their votes, but he's really just trying to lay the groundwork for future plans. He has carefully avoided talking about the game with anyone outside of the Moving Company prior to this week, so this is his first chance to get involved. He's spoken with Judd, Helen and Andy, as well as most of the members of the Moving Company (who he is now free to talk with one-on-one without looking sketchy, since the cover story is that he's just campaigning for their vote).

Nick has done a pretty solid job befriending Judd and Andy, coming across as non-threatening and a potential ally. But it didn't work, as Judd and Andy are still agreed that voting out Nick (or, really, keeping Elissa) is the smarter move. Still, Nick is laying some solid foundation for potential partnerships in the future, especially since he told Andy that his targets would be Candice and Howard next week (adding his Moving Company alliance member is a fantastic way to throw off suspicion of a guys' alliance).

Perhaps the most interesting conversation from Monday was between Nick and fellow nominee Helen. He tried to cut a deal where they would agree not to campaign against each other, though obviously she's still aligned with Elissa. The best part came after he left as Helen was left reeling, mostly because she thinks Nick is a really nice guy and seems very impressed with how he's playing the game. She repeatedly muttered about how this game is a lot harder than she thought it would be. Even talking to Elissa, Helen was genuinely disappointed that they have to get Nick out instead of someone like Jeremy.

Nick's campaigning on Monday did little to sway people to his side, but that wasn't really the point. While he would like a landslide vote, Nick is about 99 percent confident that he's staying, and all of this time to bond with people like Judd, Andy and Helen is more about preparing for his future than securing his present.

It's a stark contrast to Elissa, who seems to be doing almost no campaigning, relying on Helen and her group to come through for her and secure the numbers. Her biggest "strategy" involves starting a rumor that Nick is Dan Gheesling's cousin and will therefore win the MVP if she's gone.

She also has the help of Candice, who has started to try and turn Aaryn against Jeremy by convincing her that he's working with Nick and Spencer. He is, of course, but Candice's credibility has been thoroughly assassinated by the Moving Company and Aaryn believes she needs a competitive powerhouse like Jeremy on her side to win.

The intelligent trio of Elissa, Helen and Candice clearly wants a girls' alliance to form so they can get rid of the big, strong men in the house. It's a good idea. But it's hard because the other side of the house is full of women who are either catty mean girls or unfamiliar with the game. Aaryn's hatred for Elissa and Candice runs deeper than any female empowerment. GinaMarie is blinded by her love for Nick. Jessie thinks she's on The Bachelor and is more concerned with finding a man than playing Big Brother. And Kaitlin was recruited for the show, didn't audition and never saw en episode before she was cast.

The result is troubling for Elissa. She can comfortably count on Candice, Andy and Judd, but still needs three more votes to evict Nick. Though the women have successfully figured out that Jeremy, Nick and Spencer are working together, they are relatively unaware of the rest of the Moving Company. In fact, they frequently talk about how much they trust Howard and how McCrae is definitely with them. Those are two votes Elissa and Helen are banking on, which is what will almost certainly lead to Elissa's eviction.

There are still two days until the live eviction, but I don't imagine much will change in Elissa's favor. If anything, it gives Nick and the Moving Company more time to get people like Andy, Judd and Amanda on their side.

Interestingly, there has also been talk about voting to keep Elissa, even if she's going home, in order to win MVP. People in the house assume America is in love with Elissa because she's won MVP twice in a row, and there's a thought that America will hate whoever votes her out. Therefore, to suck up to viewers and try to score votes, people like Andy or Amanda may vote to keep her, even if they know the vote is going the other way, to win over fans. It's not a bad strategy, unless they show them concocting this scheme.

What do you think? Is there anything Elissa can do to stay? Is the Moving Company destined for Brigade-style greatness or will they be exposed and targeted?

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