BB day 41 Wednesday

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BB day 41 Wednesday

Post  Banjo on 2013-07-31, 15:37

I happened to have the live feeds on yesterday afternoon when Candice called the house meeting and laid into Spencer in no uncertain terms ! Whew !  Pretty brutal, but probably won't affect tomorrows eviction. Still looks like Howard.

Big Brother 15: Aaryn Makes A Move On Judd In HoH Room

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 09:30 AM PDT

Aaryn flirting with Judd

A few days ago Amanda told McCrae that Aaryn told her she was planning to make a move for Judd and secure him for herself. I thought there had to be some sort of confusion there. Aaryn and Judd? Huh? What’s going on here with Big Brother?

Last night on the Live Feeds Aaryn proved the rumor true while laying in bed talking to Judd. Flashback to 4:24AM BBT 7/31 on Cameras 1/2. Get the free trial & watch.

The conversation focused on Aaryn & Judd worrying about McCranda being on to them before Judd says he’s going to let Aaryn go to bed. Judd rolls over to offer a quick hug. Aaryn brings her arm across him and holds it there. As Judd stars to roll back he realizes she’s still holding on and then rolls back to her hug.

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Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 01 Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 02 Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 03 Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 04 Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 05 Aaryn and Judd flirt in HoH room 06

Aaryn starts to giggle. Judd says, “I want to sleep up here.” Aaryn replies, “I want you to sleep up here.” Judd tells her he wants her to sleep up here if he gets HoH. Aaryn asks about Jessie. Judd says she can sleep up there the first night, but after he nominates her she won’t be up there anymore. Aaryn laughs and puts her hand back on his arm.

So yeah, that’s apparently going to be something to watch for here. Aaryn told Amanda she wanted Judd for her own and now it looks like she might try to make that happen.

My first impression is this is purely a game move by Aaryn, but it could also be a catty move against Jessie or simply a “every guy should want me, not someone else” issue.

What do you think is going on with Aaryn and Judd? Will something develop between the two of them or is it all bogus and just game play?

Big Brother 15: Week 5 – Time To Count The Votes

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 07:29 AM PDT

Amanda counting votes

“We only need 4 votes,” Aaryn told Spencer and GinaMarie last night in the Big Brother 15 house. Dejected, Spencer informs her that they don’t even have four votes. So who does have four votes, or better yet, five votes to make the next eviction go their way? Read on for the latest from inside the BB15 game.

There are three options on the block this week following Monday’s Veto Ceremony. Either Howard, Candice, or Amanda will be evicted on Thursday night. With eight HGs voting a tie is possible if two of them each get four votes. Aaryn would then break the tie and from what she’s been saying we know which direction she wants to go.

Spencer has been working desperately to save his ally Howard, but he’s doing it in a weird direction. Instead of initially pushing for evicting Amanda he was settling for evicting Candice just to keep Howard. Once he started to realize there was potential to break up McCranda he moved in that direction.

Word of his attempt was spreading around BB15, mostly because Andy was running it back to McCranda. That resulted in a fight between Amanda and Spencer. He denied he was coming after her. He was. She denied she was coming after him. She was.

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Spencer and Amanda argue Spencer and Amanda argue quad view

That plan was officially sunk when Candice called a house meeting on Tuesday afternoon and called out Spencer for trying to save Howard by looking for votes against her and then against Amanda. Yes, that’s right, Candice called out Spencer and confirmed to Amanda that he encouraged Candice to look for votes to keep both Candice and Howard. Why would Candice out a plan to achieve her ideal vote outcome? That’s a great question. I doubt Candice has an answer on that one.

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Candice yelling at Spencer Candice yelling at Spencer 02

Later Tuesday night, Spencer met with GinaMarie and Aaryn. Aaryn clearly wants Candice gone. She can’t stop talking about it. GinaMarie said she’d vote her out. Aaryn said they’d need only four votes. Spencer says they’d need five. No, Aaryn corrects him and says she could break the tie against Candice and keep Howard. Spencer points out they can’t even get to four. He says they only have two. I believe they’re closer than he thinks, but it still might not be enough.

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Spencer talking in bed Aaryn crying in bed

Jessie spent the night crying to Helen and then Amanda that Candice wasn’t being nice enough to her. She thinks Candice is “being a bitch” to her and she wants Candice gone. Amanda talked her down and told her to stop being so selfish and just do what Amanda wants and to vote out who Amanda wants gone and to just keep doing what Amanda wants, not what Jessie selfishly wants. Yep.

When the votes are done and gone, I still believe Howard is going to walk out the door on Thursday night. Spencer came close, but Candice didn’t help the cause, and the HGs don’t see what a huge opportunity they have in Amanda’s potential eviction.

Wednesday is a brand new day and anything can happen to keep watching!

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