BB week 4 day 6.....POV on !

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BB week 4 day 6.....POV on !

Post  Banjo on 2011-07-30, 15:00

It looks like the POV has started. The "secret game in progress" message is showing on the live feeds. Here's what we know about this POV:

POV Players Picked!
Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Jeff, Dani, Adam
Lawon is the host

9:40am – 10am When the feeds come back, Rachel is dancing in the kitchen. Porsche is also dancing in the kitchen and then she high fives Adam. Adam says that he is worried they will make him play in Elf suit. Shelly says that she really thought she would have got picked. Shelly tells Porsche that she hasn’t gotten to play in a long time so she deserves it. They are talking about how Kalia went off after the names were picked saying that big brother is rigged. Shelly says that its almost 10am …so maybe it’s at 12pm. They say maybe. Brendon heads into the candy room and talks with Jeff. They tell each other good luck on! Brendon goes to leave and Jeff tells him to get some sleep in. Brendon says that he got his in last night ..and then leaves. Shelly and Brendon are talking in the kitchen Brendon says that he wouldn’t be in this position if he had kept quiet. Shelly says you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Shelly says that she thinks its going to be prizes today.. a phone call from home, a trip, a tv, … Rachel says it won’t be prizes they don’t do back to back prize competitions. Jeff doesn’t think so either… They start talking about how Lawon is floating through this game.

The POV competitors are picked by drawing names out of a bag. It would be hard to rig without collusion between production and the HOH who does the drawing. No one takes the rig possibility seriously, there are other areas to do it more easily, if they are really into that.....such as in the diary room sessions which are private and never shown except for the few seconds on the CBS shows where they express their concerns and make general observations.

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