BB 13 week 7 day 3..a slow day in the house

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BB 13 week 7 day 3..a slow day in the house

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-16, 17:30

Dani said she was bored, while wearing her stylish sunglasses.

She rarely plays any games, no pool, etc. except when necessary to win an HOH or POV , but this afternoon because she was bored she played what they call the "Corn Hole" game with Adam.

Yesterday she was selecting a bikini before "laying out" another of their favorite "activities".

She settled on her favorite green top and "real" sunglasses.

Although it's never shown on camera, a helicopter comes over on a regular schedule and always makes a point to "salute" them. They always remark on it and think it's funny.

I guess that's all the obligatory Dani pics for today..... two thumbs up

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