Sicario sequel

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Sicario sequel

Post  Banjo on 2018-06-27, 13:22

The first one was very good but Emily Blunt isn't in the sequel so it may suffer for that. scratch

"“From what I’ve learned all my life, growing up in Mexico, and people I know who are in that kind of business, I think ‘Sicario’ was very real,” Garcia-Rulfo said. “It was very close to reality. And this script as well. From my point of view, there isn’t a bad side or a good side, the U.S. or Mexico. One consumes, one sells; one sells drugs, one sells guns. In both films in the ‘Sicario’ series, they portray the reality very well.”

If he thinks there isn't a good side or bad side he's living in a dream world. What he means by "one sells guns" is this, and he obviously never investigated the truth even though it was all over the news back then.

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