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Post  Banjo on 2020-02-10, 12:32

I watched it on and off from the start, and the the last 20 min. to see what would win best picture, and avoided all political rants.  I won't be seeing Parasite because the big commercial theaters here won't show it because it has sub-titles and the art theater can't afford it.

I have actually seen two of the pics that got other awards, Ford vs. Ferrari and 1917 , and of all the rest that were nominated I will only considering watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, although I've heard it's rather slow, but it does have Margo Robbe. two thumbs up

Joaquin Phoenix launched a passionate speech about animal rights, veganism and Speciesism while accepting his Best Actor award for Joker
Brad Pitt slammed Donald Trump's impeachment trial in his Oscars speech
He joked that his 45 seconds of speech time was more than the Senate gave former National Security Adviser John Bolton
Hair Love creator Matthew Cherry advocated for the Crown Act, a California law that prohibits discrimination based on hair style or texture, in his speech
American Factory co-director Julia Reichert - who is fighting terminal cancer - quoted from The Communist Manifesto
Janelle Monae opened the show by declaring herself a 'proud', 'black queer artist telling stories'
Sigourney Weaver declared: 'All women are superheroes' when she presented an award
Jane Fonda recycled an old gown and carried a coat with her on stage which she declared is the last piece of clothing she will ever buy as part of an ongoing campaign to reduce waste
Viewers were sickened by the 'self-righteous', 'woke' speeches from 'millionaire hypocrites'

I missed all that stuff, but the one thing that I did see which can't be minimized is that any movie that considers itself a 'comedy' and features Hitler in any role, if only an 'illusion' , can't be applauded in any way. The little boy that is its 'star' probably doesn't understand the history, but the all the others involved should have their heads examined. beatdown

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