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Big Brother 22 still on ?

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Big Brother 22 still on ? Empty Big Brother 22 still on ?

Post  Banjo 2020-06-09, 12:40

Fans are usually divided on having another All Star season, even though there has only been one actual one in the past, plus several times where another was considered but never carried out. But there have been several seasons where popular HGs from past seasons have come back for another season, but those were individuals not an entire All Star cast. On one hand casting brand new 'amateurs' eager to compete for the $500K and the fans anticipating who will be the 'psychos' and the 'loveables', and then watching the predictions play out, is always entertaining.

On the other hand casting previous 'All Stars'  does not mean actual winners in most cases, but rather 'high profile' HGs who made an impression either as 'love to hate' types and/or strategic players who impressed with their manipulative skills even if they didn't win.

But the controversy arises when the fans support or reject potential All Stars whom they think that the BB prods. might cast. . And it comes down to which All Stars want to go through that 'ordeal' again. Some might welcome the money, ~$2K a week for every week they remain in the house, and others just want another chance at the $500K. In the past the All Star season ran the full 3 + months and it has been assumed that another one would also. With this latest news it's possible that there would be a shorter season which would also impact the All Stars decision. BB tests the fans strategic predictions, and provides hysteric wranglings over who is 'worthy' like no other.  two thumbs up

Big Brother, The Amazing Race , and Survivor are the only true 'reality' shows on TV all others claiming that description are merely performance competitions or game shows. I know nothing about "Love Island" . Rolling Eyes

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